Doubts about custom status and bot ended

Hi everyone, I have some doubts.

I would like to know if there is any way to get the status of the keycheck with a parse or function…

Example: if the status is “CUSTOM” I would like to send a message to the telegram bot that I configured. it would be like a warning, but only if the status is “CUSTOM”


the other doubt is the following. at the end of the config, I would like to return the time it took for that whole config to run.
Example: BOT ENDED AFTER2544 ms

Just go to the config settings and add CUSTOM to the statuses for which the config should continue, then you can send the message after the keycheck and maybe exit right after

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Thank you very much my friend I got the status. How is the part to capture the ms that the bot took to read everything?

Is there a way to “limit” the amount of the wordlist? make it read only 100 of each wordlist

There is no way to capture the ms you have to manually get the time at the start (with a unix time block) and at the end, then use the Compute block to compute the difference between them: those will be the total seconds of runtime.

Yes there is a way to limit. You just have to keep a global counter that counts how many times the config was executed and a data line has been successfully processed. There are tutorials on this forum for global variables, search for them.