Doubt OB1 vs OB2 save format in Hits DB

Hi ruri, hoping you have a good day, I just have a question regarding how to save hits from ob1 to ob2.

Well my question focuses that if one day you will enable a saving of hits as there is in ob1 annex example.

Because I feel that it is more practical, of course it is my point of view, besides the options to select and save or select everything and copy I think it should be enabled in ob2 or if it develops the way it saves hits the ob1 would be fine.

Regarding the ob2, I feel that filtering through each column and not being able to copy everything at the same time is complicated sometimes, but it is just that, not only for me everything is changed lol I just had a doubt. I hope you can answer me, greetings and success.

A rework of the Hits section is already planned, see the issue on github