Decimal to Hex (Large Int)

I’m Trying to Convert A Large Integer To Hex Is it Possible for example (787158854410412834335152435318326657956566968457) - Decimal
to Hex

Paste this into the LoliCode section

  value = "787158854410412834335152435318326657956566968457"

string hex = System.Numerics.BigInteger.Parse(BIGINT).ToString("X");

thanks that worked perfectly , now If I want to convert a string to base64 what would the process seem like ?


if I want to get this into base64 how can that be done ?

string base64 = Convert.ToBase64String(System.Numerics.BigInteger.Parse(BIGINT).ToByteArray());

Mind that big integers are encoded with little endian and two’s complement so this means the first byte (I think) is encoding the sign (0 positive 1 negative) and all the other bits will be in reverse order. So if you think the base64 is wrong then maybe you need to reverse the array before converting it to b64string.

I’m not talking big int this case, I mean just any random text, how do I convert it to base64, especially a long string

There is a block for that, search for it.

thanks tried that previous didn’t work turns out I was using text mode, now

if I want to generate a random string of digits and I don’t want 0 included in it , removing"0" from charset should fix it yes ?
but it didn’t

If you want to use the custom charset you have to use ?c

sorry for my dumb questions all good now