Data stats

Hey! Please tell me how to make the script keep statistics.

When the script determines the result of Fail, it makes a jump to the top, but fail is not visible in the statistics of jobs. Is it possible how to do this?
The option of how to stop the bot when receiving a fail is inappropriate

There is no way to manually control the stats unless you make use of C# reflection (which is kinda hard if you’ve never used it). The stats are bound to the data lines, and if the same data line if processed in the bot (even if you jump to the top) it should only increase the stats by 1, not multiple times, otherwise there would be a mismatch in the progress.

Please tell me, I use TAKEONE FROM and if the script gets the BAN result, will this line be the same or will it take a new one?

Each time you use the TAKEONE statement it will proceed and take the next item, regardless of where you’re using it from (same bot or different bot).

So if there is a BAN, the bot will miss this line?

Yes exactly, that’s how it works