Data rule problem


i want to set rules for password (at least 8 lenght, 1 Lowercase, 1 Uppercase, 1 Digit)

my regex is: ?=.*\d)[a-zA-Z\d@$!%*#?&]{8,}$ (made with OB2 Regex help)

but when i test " marcbbb1 " (so, no Uppecase) OB2 answers ok.

What is the probleme with my regex? is there a problem with the regex help in OB2?

Because when i try with simple rules, i get the same error…

Thanks for your help.

There is indeed something wrong when selecting both Uppercase and Lowercase in the “must contain at least one” section.
For the time being, please use this regex. I will fix the regex helper for the next update.

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Thanks a lot ! happy that, for one time, i’m right ! :sweat_smile:

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