Data input

I know that data input doesn’t work right now but is there a way to manually insert code so that it will work ? I need a Data input for So when I start a Job the input box pops up so I can input a url… if there is a way can someone show the code I can insert.

data input work just fine ,in debuger u have to use Default Answer , but when you start a job with your config , u got those input box pops up ,

Oh in the default answer in debug I should put a url so the debugger will work when I test it. Then in jobs the pop up will work.


Go check the environment in /userdata

And check the SLICES and try with that slices in OB2 not that one in OB1. because are different.

If you have any problem:

Copy your last environment config of OB1 in filder of OB2 /userdata

Open the config with notepad++

Search for [WLTYPE] and replace all results with [WORDLIST TYPE]

Save the environment config and restart the OB2, and it will work!
If you see that the OB2 crashed or you see an error of reload tha page ( that mean you have missed something in the environment )

Exactly , Ruri made it different in OB2 , and i like it that way

I already added what I needed in the slices
But thanks…

Hey that’s awesome to hear I’m glad he made like that I’ll test it out tonight when I’m back on my pc. Thanks for making me understand.

you are welcome sir :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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