CUSTOM Keycheck priority?

Hello there,
I was quite familiar with OB1 and must say that it takes some time to get used to OB2, but things are getting along.
I’m facing a little problem, in OB1, I would add a keycheck with 3 params: success, fail and custom, but in OB2, it looks like there is some sort of priorities ? If a key return success it will never return custom, I will use an example to make things easier to understand:

SOURCE: “Your Message is OK but might be invalid”
SUCCESS KEY: Message is OK
CUSTOM KEY: invalid

Keycheck will always return SUCCESS because it found “Message is OK” in first place.
Any help would be great!

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Hey, in OB1 the keychains were checked in order from top to bottom but the bottom ones could override the status set by a previous keychain.

In OB2 instead, while always being checked from top to bottom, as soon as one of them is matched it will skip checking all the rest.

So for this to work you need to put the most restrictive conditions (in this case the custom keychain) at the top, and the less restrictive conditions (the success keychain) below it.

Thanks for the answer, sadly I have checked that feature before posting but didn’t seem to do something2021-11-28 01_12_55-OpenBullet 2 - 0.1.26 Beta

Go to the C# tab of the code so you can see exactly the code that will be run. That’s 100% what you get, nothing more and nothing less. So you can check if the logic makes sense.

Oh yeah, didn’t come to my mind, and you’re right, changing order in UI didn’t change the order in C# nor Lolicode, changed in Loli and it solved.
You may want to investigate this bug?

the priority goes like this

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Open an issue on github with steps to reproduce and I will definitely take a look, also mention if you’re on the web client or native client thanks!