Custom export results in HIT

How to get value from response and print on HIT data?

I receive this:


But I need just some values.
For example, i need something like this output:

<input.myslicedword> = SUCESS = Total Enviado: 1 | Total retornado: 1

You cannot fully configure the format. If you want to fully configure it, you need to append it to a text file instead of using the normal hit outputs that OB2 provides.
Just parse the values you need from the page, then add a File Append block and write those values to a file. Remember to terminate the text to append with \r\n so it goes to the next line for the next hit!


value 1 value 2 value 3 value 4 value 5

So I should parse values to an string and call in content of file append

Where the .txt is saving by default?