Curious Question About API & OpenBullet 2


There was a config using api - which we can use to check for mail access validity throughout various type of domains and it’s very fast when using good amount of proxies. However, sadly this API is down or dead at the moment.

I have questions about this - what does this site use ? do they have huge imap or pop list?

I know in OpenBullet 2, we have automatically connection to find imap or pop but the problem is that - this “Automatic Connection Method” take very long time compared to this API.

This is why I would like to know what do they use? and what are the differences?

Is it possible to make config on OpenBullet 2 to check for mail access validity with multiple different domains in a faster way like this “” api?

Please comment and help with this

Thanks and Appreciate,

Yea You can use that Api or Find a Better Alternative.

Please use this only for testing your curiosity. Only for educational purposes


Thanks for your response, could you let me know what other better alternatives?

At the moment, this api is not working,

Hope you could let me know and yes, it’s for testing and educational purposes,


Thanks for your response again, but like I told you above - this API is no long working - you can verify it if you have the time. When you test it - you see it’s still running but all result give you 0 result, there is no HITs even if you test with correct and valid mail access credentials.

Could you get back and verify on this please, thank you !