Copy & Paste blocks

Hello @Ruri, I hope you’re doing well.
So I noticed that in OB2 we can’t copy blocks from a config and paste them to another but in OB1 I used to select the blocks with CTRL+the mouse and hit CTRL+C then paste them in another config with CTRL+V and this was very very useful thing. I really hope you add that to the next update.

You can use lolicode and copy it like that its the same thing

Yes I know that but the blocks way is much easier, you can copy only what you want not all of the code

Open an issue on github about this, but I don’t think I will add it back as it was giving problems when copying from textboxes where it would copy the whole block instead

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I’ll open an issue, personally it really helped me in OB1 and never got the problems you’re talking about. It would be awesome if you add it to OB2.