Cookie problem

I wanna to ask about something not important, but i think he has a role in what happened to me!

Cookies for example:

Cookie: _ga=GA1.2.123456.123456; _gid=GA1.2.789789.789789; ASP.NET_SessionId=abcdefg123456; _gat_UA-123456789-1=1

after 1 hour it been random ordered to be like this:

Cookie: _gid=GA1.2.789789.789789; _ga=GA1.2.123456.123456; _gat_UA-123456789-1=1 ASP.NET_SessionId=abcdefg123456;

I wanna ask, is the random ordering can make a problem in the config, or the OB2 never mind the ordering, he just read the info ?

This type of cookies won’t make any problems in your configuration. Usually the cookies you mentioned, will automatically generated by the site onwards, just make the get request before proceeding to your post /put req. It will collect and use it on your post req

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