Continue on ERROR

I’ve set the config settings to Continue on ERROR but when I test it - it stops on ERROR.
There’s a keycheck after the error and it doesn’t continue.

Did you click on “Save Config” yet?

Also restarted OB2 and still - same issue.
It doesn’t continue after the ERROR.

the meaning of that tab “continue on ERROR, …” is: inside the cfg, if you do set a key as ERROR, the cfg would continue. so it is related to the user keycheck block’s settings

if you want the cfg to continue even if there was an error, use TRY CATCH

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What is “TRY CATCH”?

Read the documentation inside the program (http://localhost:5000/docs)

Ok, I read it and applied the “TRY CATCH” and it’s working now, but now it has created another issue:
The status ended with “BAN”, I want it to change to “SUCCESS”.

If you want to manually set the status of the bot you can do this