when trying to run the config i keep getting the code. im new to all of this and am unsure on what this is.
[IDLE] CompilationErrorException: (3,100): error CS1003: Syntax error, ‘}’ expected
thanks in advance!

can you show your code but the error tells that the code is missing a closing curly bracket

Maybe you missed an END statement in LoliCode

Screenshot (341)
I get this error, can you help?

ruri i need your help

I put in the data post things that work correctly in version one but not in version two and give an error.

i put this

You cannot have XML data (with < and >) in the content if you are using variables, otherwise it will interpret them as variables. Please put that data inside a constant variable and then plug that in

  value = "<ecp:message blah blah>"
  => VAR @XML

and in the content put something like


don’t you want to add a escape method?

I tried to do it months ago and broke everything, it needs some very complex regex and I’m not quite able to write it. Maybe someone will help one day.

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ok thanks ruri.////////////////