Config error while variable is created by if statement

i have a parse block inside IF statement
but when im in the debugger it keeps saying that the variable doesnt exist
and that is the points sometime it does exist and i parse it and sometime it doesnt exist i dont wanna parse it

edit: i think that will be fixed if we have the option to create the variable empty
i know i can bypass that error by creating an empty Constant String block

This is not possible because everything gets translated to C# in the end, and in C# if you declare a variable inside an if statement it only lives in the scope of the statement and not outside.
So you have to DECLARE the variable OUTSIDE of the statement and then ASSIGN its value INSIDE.

then he can add an option to create empty variable
and it just declares it empty outside the if statement
i had to declare 13 variables and the code was looking so crowded
it is not something that we need but it is nice to have

OB2 accepts this LoliCode syntax from version 0.1.11+

SET VAR name "value"

so you can just put 13 of those at the start of the config, no need to use constant string blocks.

i have already changed it to SET VAR
thanks man it is much easier now