Cloudflare protection OB1 VS OB2

Today I entered a problem on openbullet 2 on a site using cloudflare and blocking me with a code 403 status but strangely it works on openbullet 1 ( I’m talking about a request with cf_clearancet cookies and others… )

So I did some tests, I took the library used on openbullet 1 and I copied the exact code in the blockrequest and I’m still blocked by the 403 error.

I don’t understand what I’m missing and why it’s happening on openbullet 1.


Have you tried using the SystemNet library instead of RuriLibHttp in the options of the http request block? If it doesn’t work, then I’m going to need more information to debug this, you can send me a mail, the address is on the readme of the OB2 repository.

On my end, using HTTP 2.0 with SystemNet Library from the Windows application works (Code 200).

However, when using the exact same config on Docker 0.2.5, it no longer works (Error Code 403).

Maybe the openssl lib in the docker image is outdated, it’s been a while since I pushed the last build. I’ll address this eventually