Change Log v0.1.24

For those wondering what the update has in it but cant find the change log

Its available in Github at OpenBullet2/Changelog at master · openbullet/OpenBullet2 · GitHub

Changelog for version 0.1.24

  • Added option to report the last captcha as bad upon RETRY status (in Config Settings)
  • Removed trailing semicolon and space after the last cookie in Cookie header
OpenBullet (Core)
OpenBullet (Web)
OpenBullet (Native)
  • Added ability to test data rules from the config settings
  • Show bot log as normal window instead of dialog
  • Added search in debugger log
  • Fixed an issue with copying to clipboard
  • Improved the HTML viewer
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Just wanna clarify, the changelog is also visible inside the program after you update
OB2 Web → Click on the version number in the bottom-left corner
OB2 Native → There’s a button in the Home

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Yea sorry, just saw there was not a real visible place to read it prior to updating so thought I would share it for those that like to see if it effect them or not.

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No need to say sorry, I just wanted to add an extra piece of information :sweat_smile: yours is still super valid

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