How can I capture only half of x-b3-traceid: p09glha9-723c-4ejc-pvbx-cqai7tw8xh5k-07qvde0r-ayra-4rb8-it4s-ze553prbxyin which is located in the header. In this case I wanted to capture only p09glha9-723c-4ejc-pvbx-cqai7tw8xh5k
A solution would be appreciated.

Hello my friend open a new parse block :
and then use LR mode as if you were doing a normal parse.

It doesn’t work because I have to clarify that at the moment I’m using OpenBullet 1 and I open a parse block called <HEADERS(x-b3-traceid)> but it captures all the code in LR mode.

If you always need to parse your example, You must add in your parse block this code in regex mode: ^(.+?-.+?-.+?-.+?-.+?)-

I don’t understand what you want to tell me. If you explain it to me in more detail I would appreciate it.

I finally got it, thank you very much.


It doesn’t work because you’re using OB1 which is not supported anymore…

I’m using OpenBullet 1 because OpenBullet 2 doesn’t update proxies remotely if I’m not mistaken until today’s date

It does. You have to set up a remote proxy source in your Multi Run Job’s options. Do not load them directly in the database via the proxy tab.

You were right. I didn’t know about that option. Thank you very much again.