Capture all records except one (OB1)

Greetings all,
I have a problem.
I want to capture between "td width=“400"” and “/td” recursively.
No problem for that but sometimes I also have information that I don’t want to keep.
Thank you for your help.

On the example it’s “img style=“border:none;margin-bottom:-4px;” src=“images/calendar.jpg” alt=“Préachat” title=“Préachat”/”
3 numéros de GH codés en fête en pré-achat"

This is what I don’t want to capture.
It always happens at the end of the recursive.
It is always the same text except “3 numéros de GH codés en fête en pré-achat” which changes with the account

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Accidentally, I found.
I checked “Use Regex” and left empty “Right String”.
I’ts OK