How can I solve this captcha in puppeteer?
Thank you Ruri .

Screenshot the element to base64 and then use the solve image captcha block

I did what you said but I got this error


I have to pay money for this service, Right?

Yes of course, otherwise you can look into XEvil or CapMonster for AI-based captcha solving, but those cost money too. Also mind that, even though the block is called “solve captcha”, it works with a variety of services which you can check in the RL Settings > Captchas section.

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THank you, but why dont you add tesseract ocr in OB2?

Because everything takes time to implement, and I am prioritizing bugfixes over implementing new features since we’re still in beta.

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that’s great. You’re good. Thank You So Much Ruri. I’m Very happy to meet you here.

I got this error

You have to actually buy the software. Do not use cracked versions because they don’t work

I use Free version from XEvil: Home and I got 100 balance. So I Can’t use this balance?

If you use XEvil then why are you selecting the CapMonster option in the settings? They are 2 different things… Use the TwoCaptcha option and let XEvil put entries in the hosts file to redirect all requests from to itself.

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Everytime I try I got result: bare
I dont now why that.Capture

Please check with XEvil forum and documentation as this is not a problem with OB2

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Dear Sir,
Can you please send guide how to adjustment in OCR testing. I did look whole internet but cannot find anything to this
Thank you very much

That is not an official OB1 build…