Captcha Error

hello everyone im new here , im getting an error message “[Executing block Solve Image Captcha] TaskSolutionException: Not_Sent_Error” what am i doing wrong here.

you are using capmonister
in the captcha service dont choose capmonister change it to 2captcha and it will work fine

i dont have a api key for twocaptcha

It doesn’t matter it will work regardless. Otherwise choose custom 2 captcha. The CapMonster option only works for the old capmonster, not capmonster cloud! I will fix this later on.

now im getting

Solve Image Captcha (SolveImageCaptcha) <<

[CustomTwoCaptcha] Balance: $1

[Executing block Solve Image Captcha] TaskCreationException:


You’re missing a block, please read this guide and copy-paste the code

still getting an error

use this blocks whit your Ruri said before.

  url = ""

  bytes = @data.RAWSOURCE
  => VAR @BASE64

  base64 = @BASE64

That guide was tested and it works 100%. If you have other problems then it might be related to your captcha provider. Are you sure you’re making the request to the URL that provides the captcha image? You have to use the direct URL, you cannot just use the URL of the page itself. Use inspect element and see the direct URL from which the captcha image is loaded from, and use that one.

yea it was the captcha provider…i was using xevil…now i just need to know how to put the post data in here