Capmonster proxy

When i use capmonster after a while i’m getting banned by recaptcha, even when i use proxy. Is openbullet configured to send directly the proxy to capmonster? How i can do then?

This is normal after a few tries with or without a proxy the IP is banned. You have to put a lot of proxies in the setting of capmonster.

That not my question, I misspoke. If my IP is banned, then i use proxy they all banned whitout any try. But when my IP is not banned and then I use proxies, it work before getting banned after few try.
It makes me think that the proxies are not transmitted to capmonster, and that he may use my IP anyway.

You have to put the proxies in capmonster: setting —> recaptchasitekey addon —> and then import proxies. I do not use in solve captcha of OB “send proxy to solver service …”