captcha support

Hey @Ruri can you add option in the captchas secion?

I was using Custom two captcha to use solver but in some cases like geetest captcha it shows error even if the response is correct like this

HERE there is a valid response from the server but it shows as an error, I know I can just ignore that and just use data.ERROR to parse it but it would be handy if you can add it to the list because is a famous website and many people would like to buy captchas from them as they are really cheap compared to other services like 2captcha.

Open an issue on github. In the meantime you can tick the “SAFE” checkbox in the block which will write the error to the data.ERROR variable, then you can use 3 parse blocks to parse the values from there!

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Yes sir as mentioned above I knew that data.ERROR and parse blocks should be my option. Anyways I will open an issue