Cant't find Environment.ini in UserData folder

Hello. So I’m currently running OpenBullet2 in docker, I’ve created an UserData folder inside OB2 folder but can’t seem to find those folders like Configs, Proxies and most importantly environment.ini. I appreciate if any of you could help me, I’m kind of new to these things and would love some help( discord screen share would be awesome!). Thanks in advice!

Hi, did you mount the local folder as volume in the container using the -v UserData:/app/UserData flag? If you did, then your settings should already be saved in your local folder. You can find plenty of guides online that will help you with this.

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So all I did was install OB2, Docker for Windows, created UserData inside OB2 folder and then ran
docker run --name openbullet2 --rm -p 8069:5000 -v UserData:/app/UserData -it openbullet/openbullet2:latest
in command promt. The only thing I cant undestand is why I cant see those folders inside…This might give you a little headache and I’m sorry but I really want to get this to work. Thanks.

Should i replace anything in that command i wrote up there? like “app” or maybe idk…

I think the problem is basic is where to create the UserData folder I created in the C directory but it is not the correct way.
Is a noob question for those who know but for those who are just starting it is difficult

I just checked. It seems that mounting the volume actually has trouble if you specify a relative path, because it uses a path relative to docker itself (and not to your current working directory).

So please pass an absolute path like

docker run --name openbullet2 --rm -p 8069:5000 -v C:/OB2/UserData/:/app/UserData/ -it openbullet/openbullet2:latest

and it will work, I will update the guide now, sorry!