Can't find element pepeeter

Hi, I’m trying to close consent popup but pepeeter can’t find the element, i don’t know ho to do, I have this probleme with multiple site.

identifier = "onetrust-accept-btn-handler"

identifier = "onetrust-accept-btn-handler"

I get this error :

[Executing block Wait for Element] waiting for selector ‘#onetrust-accept-btn-handler’ failed: timeout 30000 ms exceeded

or this with the try catch:

[Executing block Click] Index was outside the bounds of the array.


Have you tried without headless? Sometimes elements don’t display on headless browsers.

Yes i always use normal mode to debug, the site is
I’m trying to create a account on.

Maybe the element is inside an iframe? You need to switch to the context of that frame first

Did you manage to solve this? I am also trying to check the email vaild to register or not with