Cannot use more bots - Puppeteer config non headless mode

Maybe it’s just me, but when I use any puppeteer config in non headless mode, I cannot run it with more than 1 bots. If I try to run it with 2 or more bots, the browser opens and it gets into an endless loop where it’s keep opening new tabs. I tried with --new-window argument, so it opens a new window for each bot, but then it’s keep opening windows endlessly, instead of tabs.

I was doing some tests, and it seems like OB2 can only control 1 browser window at a time in non headless mode, and for any further instance it gives this error: “Failed to launch base!” It also seems that if try with only a new tab by another bot, that cannot pickup the reference to the already open browser.

In headless mode, I have no problem running more bots, so the problem is only in non headless mode.

Am I doing something wrong, or it’s really the case that in non headless mode I can only run 1 bot?

use high vps ram + cores Like Ionos vps its so smooth

Thanks a lot for the answer, but I didn’t mean like I have performance issues. Puppeteer itself works fine for me. There seems be something I’m doing wrong or in non headless mode OB2 can only handle 1 bot and 1 browser.