Can we move puppeteer to http request

I want to ask if can we move the request from puppeteer to HTTP, I login into the site using puppeteer and that extracts all data like URL, cookies, and headers to the HTTP request and use that request for other stuff. Is that possible to achieve

For Captures or What?

Yes it’s possible. First run the puppetter blocks what you need to do. Afterwards just proceed on http req, ob2 will automatically collect the cookies and use on http req

@Error ok thanks, actually. I’m not using OB2, I’m creating a simple application to scrap data, but first i have to login into the site for that, I’m using puppeteer. I think i have to take a look at OB2 source code then

You can get the cookies from puppeteer after the login. That’s pretty much all you need. If you want the URL you can get that as well. As for the headers, if there is any information in there that you need to parse, it will probably be inside some js variable so just inspect the js that gets executed when the request is performed and check where the value of the header is saved, it will be in some js variable in the context of the page, so just execute JS with Puppeteer and get it.

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