Can someone help me with Canonical string, string to sign and signing Signature

As the title says, I’m working with aws api and it needs signature.
I’ve used the aws4 signature block in the openbullet 2 but recently discovered that it only generates signing key…

-Thanks in advance

it does generate a signature, the signing key is the first variable of the block.

test variables found here:


these variables in AWS4 signature block:


give this output:

>> AWS4 Signature (AWS4 Signature) <<

Hashed: f4780e2d9f65fa895f9c67b32ce1baf0b0d8a43505a000a1a9e090d414db404d

Assigned value to variable 'aWS4SignatureOutput'

that’s the signature…

Actually its not… I thought that it was too but its not

And these are all the steps for generating the signature Signing AWS requests with Signature Version 4 - AWS General Reference

So now I need canonical string and string to sign also… Its very complicated and I choose this for my first config smh