Can i use multiple Json Element without parsing them

I Just want to know that Can i use multiple Json Element without parsing them like we do with cookies or headers. Like we use them without even parsing them.

Is there any way to do this. I have a lot of json elements to parse with. Can’t we directly use them.
I don’t need any vars for that. i just want to simply put them in post data.

Sorry I don’t understand can you make an example of what you want to do exactly? With some dummy data.

You can find a list there

Let’s Take a Scenario like i have a json something like this on first request.

{“status”:“error”,“code”:404,“message”:“Username not found”}

on second request i have to use all of json property value separately in this request post data .
like status=

i can parse every property value and make a var for each but the json is very large …So its very time consuming .

Now the headers or cookies

url = “
method = POST

like this we Put Location value without any parse block . Can’t we do the same with json.Like can’t We put property value of a object without parsing it directly like we did in Location.

You can write constant values directly you don’t need to use <this> syntax for each value

can you please explain sir . Like I have to parse every json element and put those into next request post data

Ah you have to parse them from a previous response? Then you can use 1 single parse in regex mode, for example you could parse each value to 1 capturing group and then use the output format to insert them directly in the string you prefer.


{"test": "one", "test2": "two"}

Capture one and two using capturing groups and then put this in the output format

{"mytest": "[1]", "mytest2": "[2]"}

Well Sir , Sorry to bother you but i don’t Get it at all.

Like Can you please give me the example of this response .I got this Response.

{"status":"error","code":404,"message":"Username not found"}

then i parse this whole Response with the variable named resp

then how to put this in next post data


how to put those elements in Post data

Please see this LoliCode (it’s not an easy thing to do, but as you can see it’s possible if you know some regex).

// This line is just for testing, remove it obviously
data.HEADERS["Location"] = "";

  value = "{\"status\":\"error\",\"code\":404,\"message\":\"Username not found\"}"
  => VAR @parsed

  input = @parsed
  pattern = "status\":\"([^\"]*)\",\"code\":([0-9]+)"
  outputFormat = "\"Code\":\"[2]\",\"Status\":\"[1]\""
  => VAR @json

  value = $"{\"Location\":\"<data.HEADERS[\"Location\"]>\",<json>}"
  => VAR @postData

Okay Thanks For the HElp