Can anyone help me with settings to read cp language 6

Hello people can anyone if (have time) via team viewer to help me settings for OB2 or OB1 to read language cp 6 who make is DJ Hooligan i really not know how to settings, i have windows 11 and subsystem ubuntu i am try all but i am noob in this field maybe someone is explain how to do ? Thanks advance, this is best forum.

Try this. It’s cp5 but cp6 is not much different. Good luck

image = @data.RAWSOURCE
captchaUrl = “
tesslang = “cp5”
PSM = 30
tessdatapath = “D:\xxxxxxxx\UserData\Plugins\tessdata”
contrast = 50
usedFilters =
text = “F7PGN8”
=> VAR @tesseractOcrV5Output


Hello, thank you bro for your reply i am try all but still have some error

On opnebullet2 native i have fail in http debugger but in cracking only banned proxies no fail idk why ?

I don’t understand the question so i don’t know?

I’m doing all like you say, but still have some error, something is wrong if you have time (and if you can) please show me once time and i can work in future.