Bypass Cloudflare & Recaptcha

90% of website are secured by CLOUDFLARE & Google Recaptcha. :disappointed_relieved:

The developers had to work on this from the begin.
Because this CF & Recaptcha is one of the basics of all websites.

I always before opening a website, i pray it doesn’t have a cloudflare or a recaptcha because that will frustrate me. :unamused:

I hope they work on it soon :heart:


Find other endpoints or api’s that dont use recaptcha or use FlareSolverr as a system proxy. Although Cloudflare is completley updating / reworking how the system works so everything will probably be dead / broke soon

For ReCaptcha there aren’t bypasses. You’ll have to find other endpoints or use a Recap solver


Is there a captcha solver that offer you for example 1 month (unlimited captcha)
Because if I buy a package of 100K or 200K , the price will start to be very high and this does not help me in cracking.
I can make a wordlist of 1million and i dont get any HIT

I knew about that but didn’t want to bring up the method. I made a tool for this as well. Wasn’t sure if it was allowed here / didn’t want the method more public then it already was.

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As far as i know, they are all token based. The only subscription based service I know of are solvers you run on your PC like Xevil (100$ Initial fee then 10$ per month) + highend server costs.

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Is there any Captcha Solver That offer you Unlimited captcha solver by month or something like that ?
Because it will lose me a lot of money - if i make a wordlist of 500k, i will lost too much money !
did you understanded me ?