BlazeBullet | The first OpenBullet2 Modded Client

Hello, Im tenzin. I have made another project, an OpenBullet 2 “Modded” Client.

Feature Spec:

PWA - Using ASP.NET’s “Progressive Web App” interpretation, you can give this the analogy of OB2 but a real app lol

SOON Config Unpacker - Unzips configs and outputs them into the directory of your choice


NEW REPO - GitHub - BlazeBullet/BlazeBullet: OpenBullet reinvented


Good luck. Hopefully it will turn out well.

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where is .exe?? can not find its difference with official OB2

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this source code need to build

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Anyone can help build one and publish it in github? it would be wonderful choice of ob2

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Updated the README with instructions, pushing a few hotfixes, hold tight :slight_smile:

Known Issues:

All issues fixed as of [14/03/2021]

  • Something bugs while trying to apply a theme
  • Client IP empty/flashes on and off into “::1”
  • Electron Metadata not showing logo/icon
  • LoliCode editor crashing entire electron shell
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Massive Update: I have successfully converted it from an ElectronNET shell, into a fully fledged PWA (Progressive Web App). If you want to know what this is, Look at the url bar, there should be a + sign, which allows you to install Discourse as a localized desktop app.

Not only does this solve any build errors, bugs or just general looks, It is so simple to reproduce. I will be pushing this to the repo soon.


- SirTenzin


Pushed to the Repo with a build release lmao

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ooo first absolutely useless addon xD

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Update: Adding Config Tools, Config store (all free), Theme store (all free) and the Plugin store (all free).

The store system will use a github repo, which you PR to, that contains a JSON file with all relevant types of files.

Example plugins.json:

       "name": "Blazor",
       "desc": "A multi use block pack",
       "author": "SirTenzin",
       "download": "RAW ZIP URL HOSTED ON A GITHUB REPO"


Nice bro keep up the good work…

Known Issues [15/3/21] [Private Build, Coming soon]:

* Home page 404’ing
* Plugin Store Not parsing properly



oh yeah and its dynamic if i didnt mention haha L

Released to repo :slight_smile: go download

Update: Complete Refactor with a return to Electron.NET, adding Global Hotkeys, Merging [email protected]