Basic LS to LC Convertor | WIP

Yes. I know. Very cool. Ruri said it couldnt be done but I have begun my amazing journey to make one. Please check every few days for updates and install/usage guides. Enjoy!

Quick Edit: It doesnt go back or have a UI atm, this is pre-working-alpha!


Update: Made a lil more nice

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Thank you for the good work, I might take a look whenever I have time, it would be amazing once it’s finished.


Update: Working on HTTP headers and cookies atm, Keycheck and HTTP should be done by today, thanks for all the support :smiley:

Update: HTTP Done, Working on Keycheck. It seems to be wierd about KEYCHAIN and KEY, dm me if you wanna help

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Update: HTTP Done, Keycheck on last “ENDBLOCK” xD, PARSE next up. Ima chill on the blocks, and focus on single line keywords

just remembered DISABLED and LABEL :frowning:

Update: Posted updates, keycheck taking ages :cry:

Update: Adding GUI, Input and support for metadata lol

ETA: few days


Awesome work. I am new here but i must say, your work is really inspiring SirTenzin

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been a whole month, im working on it again. the gui is done and you can pick which config to use in a very nice file prompt! Expect some more in a few days.

put up a beta release on github :slight_smile:

how to use it? i tried to node index.js and got blank space line i’ve installed node and modules

check the releases tab