Asking about random string function

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So i have this config which generates random strings for me then i check the codes on my company vulnerabilities checker, i use the infinite option on choosing the world list but when i checked company logs i found that 30-40% of the generated codes are duplicate so my question to you mr @Ruri is there a way to make sure the generated random code is not repeated or checked before already?

Hi, I assume you’re generating codes with the random string block inside the config directly. Why don’t you use the combinations data pool instead? Is there some specific pattern requirement for the code?

Anyways the approach would be to use a global concurrent dictionary and then check if the code was already generated (in that case you jump back to the code generation), otherwise you add the code to the dictionary and keep going. You will need some C# knowledge to pull this off though, so if you’re struggling then let me know and I will try to make a guide when I have some free time.

Well the code has to start like this AXNE and it’s 16 characters long like this
The X refers to captial alphanumeric characters
If you can do it quickly for me I’ll reach you in discord and ofc I’ll get you a cup of coffee.

I cannot do it right now because I’m at work :sweat_smile: tonight I will write a guide

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Hope u didn’t forget it bro

I didn’t forget, I just don’t have time :confused:

How is it possible to generate the same code 30-40% of the time by the way? The possible combinations of your mask are like 36 to the 12th power… You would need billions of years to get that amount of collisions. Or am I missing something?

You’re talking about 1 job ruri, but in my company to make sure that there are no new vulnerabilities
I use almost 30-50 jobs with infinite cpm that’s why.

Divide 36 to the 12th power by 30 or 50 it’s still a gigantic number. And infinite CPM is not really a thing I would say :thinking: also you wouldn’t have enough space in RAM or HDD to hold that many combinations either ^^