ARM version for OB2

Hello Ruri, will ever be there a version of OB2 for ARM machines? They’re not as powerful as a x86 PC but they’re not so “weak”, RPi 4 has 8GB of RAM maximum and the CPU is good. Thank you

Have you tried the normal build? If it doesnt work you can build it your self with an ARM target

Yes, I tried it on a RPi 4 and it doesn’t work, even because on OB2 docker hub page the tags says (linux/amd64) so it’s only for x86 machines. Sadly I don’t know how to build it by myself and how to “transform” it for ARM processor

You need to use the normal build not the docker build. Then install the core runtime for arm and it will work, we tested it on a rpi4 and it works

Since I have all the softwares running in portainer I hoped I could have also this one. It would had been much easier I guess to have all versions also for the docker build. Maybe one day you’ll decide to make the docker build available also for ARM or maybe someone else wiil do it. Thanks for your reply anyway

I replied here Add support for arm64 in Docker image · Issue #131 · openbullet/OpenBullet2 · GitHub

Thank you Ruri. It’s not me the one in github but I can see I’m not alone on that request

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I can confirm you that since version 0.1.7 OB2 works also on ARM via docker portainer. Also with another container I can run it through VPN, that’s perfect. Thank you again

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