API proxy Update

Is there any API proxy update? Because i checked settings, and i wasn’t able to see any. Thx in advance.

You can set remote proxy sources in the job directly, so go create a multi run job

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Is there a way to have a preset proxy sources like in OB1 so I don’t have to put the URLS for each job? I think have remote sources in the proxy tab like OB1 should be added back.

This way they are configurable per-job, before you had to use the same sources for all jobs so it’s better now

Hello, I confirm being able to save our url api would be better, because forcing it to copy / paste each time a runner wants to start

Maybe open an issue on github and I’ll do something to add pre-configured sources to jobs so it’s faster

What can i do, in this case?
I put proxy url, and now it says thatproxy port must be an integrr

Should be fixed in 0.1.1