API login "URL Get Method" Heple

hello guys
I’m trying to make api login from ios app but my only problem I don’t know how the password been encoded can someone please help me to figure that out
https://xxxxxxx&[email protected]&email=&mobile=&password=j4%2FjUgPI%2BBs86aV2GL3UyUPcQx7StfyRFLl2knUqwUI&dev_id=&dev_name=Apple&dev_type=iPhone 6s Plus&dev_os_version=iOS_13.6.1

i used this password for test S1234567890 " this is not my password it’s just random one so I didn’t break the forum rules :sweat_smile:

what do you think guys?

Hi ,
Method Get : Get URL that’s we wanna display
After getting URL , we will post data with Method POST
PostData : xxxx=&zzzzz=1&bbbb=

Good Luck

the POST Data direct from URL and I get success login and when I change the encode password I got failed login so the problem is how to encode the password like this to make it work
how can I make this password
to looks like this

thank you for you help mate

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You 're welcome anytime, Vimto