Any plan for big update for OB2?

As topic said, any big update or upgrade for OB2 in recent days?
Hope this is not pushing you too much because we also know you are so busy working for life everyday.
Much appreciate for your nice work.

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As you already said, I work a full time job so OB2 development is slow. Anyways, I’m porting it to .NET 6 and adding support for HTTP/2.0, plus other things.

Nice info. Go ahead, my bro

When your adding Chrome Extension option ??
It’s very important for me :point_right::point_left:

Okay I’m going to add back support for chrome extensions to selenium in the next patch

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How about adding a HTTP analysis for capturing HEADER and POST info. like http debugger in OB and send them to the http block?
It would be nice for the tool

There are already very good external tools that do it, I don’t see it as a priority.