An issue with parsing data


I have an issue with parsing some data while using OB2, it comes down to grabbing some values (numeric) from site which comes with empty spaces so the output looks ugly especially while using webhooks. It’s not the case for earlier versions of openbullet (the output is perfectly fine without trailing spaces etc). Which block/function should I use to get rid of empty spaces while grabbing the info?

An example:

                <span class="credits">
                    18400                    </span>

I want to get output of that value without any empty spaces but after the webhook it basically looks like this:


Instead of 1 seamless line.

Thanks for help!

Use a replace block (in functions) and replace the space character with nothing.
Honestly I would use a regex replace and replace [\r\n\t ] with nothing (basically newline characters, tabs and spaces).

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works perfectly fine, thank you for the super quick response!