Adding guest users

Hello, I am in need of some help with adding guest users…
Do I need a specific VPS server? Or is it possible to just add users using my RDP WIFI. If I need a specific VPS server I would really appreciate some help.
(Just to confirm I have the correct idea of guest users,- The ability to access and perform tasks on my OpenBullet panel through the cloud, instead of having to download and buy configs/wordlists.)

please let me know with a reply if I have the correct idea and if anybody can help, thanks!

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You do not need a specific server as long as you’re hosting OB on a working server.
A VPS with average specs would be recommended for a better experience.
OB (2) is a cross-platform application so it will work under any OS (I think).

not any, but many. Everywhere .net 5 is available, ob2 should work too.

Ahh thank you!
Any chance you can help me with a little problem? I added my secondary laptop using my home wifi just to test it out. After going to localhost:5000 it showed “could not connect to the server”. I dont know what the problem is here, do i need to install openbullet(2) on my secondary laptop to gain access?

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I can help you on Discord via AnyDesk if you want or just send me the AnyDesk ID in private.

whats your discord username

Sent as PM. Check your messages.