Actual version 0.1.12 Linux

Hi, i’m not sure if it’s the right place to post. Thanks for directing me in case of error.

Since last update 0.1.12 i can’t no more run any job.

After 10-12 secondes i got server killed in terminal. I thougt maybe it was my linux, but i tried with a fresh install in another pc and same problem. Even on some other Linux distro in VM mode.

I hope it can be helpful and solved in future updates. For now i stick with 0.1.11.

Hope linux users will come forward.

there is many ways


all of my videos on linux

Thanks, but i have no problem to run or make configs.

When dotnet 5 is installed, it will works, so in mint 0.1.12 is working fine for you ?

re install the app and this will fix it

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My bad, the problem was my configs.

Half of them were causing the trouble and i thought something was wrong with OB. Sorry.

If someone is facing same problem. Recheck your configs.


Update: Which leads me to this:

[Executing block MyRequest] OutOfMemoryException: Array dimensions exceeded supported range.

Request wasn’t too long though. (using the old ob style) :thinking:

This appears when there isn’t enough RAM I think. If your RAM is ok, then maybe it’s due to some Span allocated during the request.

can u make for centos

I have 32 Go of RAM. Span allocated during the request ? I’m not sure to fully understand, is there a solution. Or i should wait new update ?

I’m talking about some stuff in the code. If you can provide a URL to replicate the issue in a reliable way every time, then go ahead and open an issue on github.