Open bullet2 is still in beta phase, I would like to thank our ruri brother.

Everyone complains that it is installed on localhost, but it is 99% successful for beta.

I have passed many tests successfully. Those who do not know how to use open bullet 2 should not comment. I have been an openbullet1 user for 3-4 years.

Thanks again to our ruri brother



But what’s the purpose of this thread?

How were you able to use it before me?
And i was the very first one who used OpenBullet.
(Maybe even before ruri himself - can’t remember if he started his first build himself)

Btw: Public release was April 1st 2019 - so less than 2 years ago


Where do you think openbulletin came from? Where did you think the interface came from before it was shared publicly, it was always there in linux but it was terminal


The interface of Openbullet 1 is very similar to BlackBullet - a discontinued tool also made by ruri.
Ruri started the development of Openbullet 1 at end of 2018 together with demiurgo and me.

And there was never ever a linux terminal version of it before.

But feel free to provide any proof for your claims.

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