168 HOURS - PARSING 3 BLOCS - it's Very Very HARD - Get Bloc Recpatcha V3

This is probably user verify captcha (yeah invisible but user verify) you can’t bypass it using this method.

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Hi Tommy Shelby ,
Indeed it’s hidden , it’s APPEAR (Userverify?k=XXXXXXX), when user click on button login

Hi, Just want to know it’s not bypass-able because it has User Verify

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Post the site you trying to solve recaptcha v3, ill take a look.

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Thank you Jin
i STOPPED to find solution , it’s very very HARD

Its not that hard, you just need to dig harder. I’ve been struggled with my problem for like 3-4 months and now im already able to solve it :smiley: you just need to be patience!

There is no way of solving the invisible reCaptcha V2 with such a method. You need a reCaptcha block and a service to solve it.
There is another method of using Puppeteer and IronPython, yet it is a matter of hit and miss, and implementing it correctly is pain in the ass.

If you want I can share my config that I use for some v3 just enter the anchor url and that’s it


Can you DM me the config for learning purpose? :smiley:

ok check your private


@g3v3r2 : GOD BLESS YOU !
The world community of Openbullet need persons like you

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Hi bro,
Can you dm me for config for learning.
Thank you so much.
You are the best bro

Can you share your recaptcha bypass with me?

you cannot bypass when its v2 , only v3 is bypassable.

can you share it with me please

Please send it me too. I also suggest you to send it into the forum otherwise people will continue asking like I do.

Thanks for sharing

Hello friends it is not valid for all v3 only some can find it in my youtube channel

bro if you have time please check my config google recaptcha bypass done but i dont under stand the issue

I know this was addressed with a bypass and g3v3r2 would love if you can share that with me please, but curious if anyone was able to move forward with initial troubleshooting? I ran into the same wall and noticed this stack overflow post mentioning a workaround if you will as the response is cut off by Googles API when it sees this “)]}”.


I get the issue but not sure where to drop the substring if that is even possible.